+4 Beetles (Legendary drops L56-67)

Added on 2013-07-30 by Anonymous
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  • +4 Beetles (Legendary drops L56-67)
  • Directly South of town very close to spawn point are the Anden Mountains. Covered in +4 Beetles (Lemon, Bark and Snout) who drop Legendary items level 56 to 67. Also has Lemon Beetle boss.
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+4 #1 Robinerd 2013-08-13 17:52
There is a large cave somewhere under the +4 area, full of bats giving 13 xp each and easy to kill. Just pull all of them and kill them as a group to get over 200 xp per run. Then just delete world and create again with same name and seed to spawn in the cave directly.

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